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Welcome to Ramm Alexander Accountants.





1.        Alexander and Associates is an authorised firm of registered auditors based in London.



2.        We have specialist teams dealing in Audit , accountancy and specialist sector teams  for the medical, charitable and housinsector.


3.        Specialist tax team dealing with all the taxation matters , tax planning , self assessment , corporate tax and much more.


4.        We as a firm pride ourselves in ensuring that we provide a quality services to all our clients through continued post qualification training programme and by complying to the standards  set by the Auditing Practices Board.     



5.        We aim to build a long term relationships and pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable manner. Foremost in our minds is the need to provide a professional service at competitive price which represents value for money.


Professional Advice - Practical Assistance - A business Partnership


The working relationship with your accountant is all important . By creating a close contact between us we are able to ensure and provide :


  • Sound analysis of business’s financial position.


  • Provide proactive advice


  • Assist the business in maximising it goals  of  profitability  and growth.







Auditing - as registered auditors we can provide a cost effective audit for small to medium sized limited companies. We produce as inclusive part of this service a management letter of recommendations which will highlight weaknesses in the business’s control environment and put forward practical recommendations. The recommendations will help the business to safeguard its assets and ensure its resources are managed in a cost effective service.


Internal Auditing - Through our experience of internal audits  in the Social housing sector and commercial businesses we are able to offer competitively priced service . We will carry out a review of the whole organisation which will be risked based and will review the systems, operational matters and  Social objectives of the organisations including environmental and community . Following each of our visits we will  produce a report which will give confirmation of controls within the organisation and highlight weaknesses together with our recommendations. Our recommendations will be based on best practice within both, the housing sector and the commercial sector. Alexander and Associates believe that the recommendations made should not only represent best practice but should also be practical and cost effective to implement.


Accounting - Preparation of year end accounts for statutory purposes and Inland revenue. We feel while this may be an obligatory requirement, accounts should provide the management with an extremely useful tool for assessing the business’s performance.


We also offer advice on how to maintain accounting records in order to comply with statutory requirements , to minimise accountancy costs and help you manage the your financial affairs.


Taxation  - We deal with all aspects of taxation from standard compliance with Corporation tax, Income tax, PAYE and Vat to tax planning for individuals and companies. Under the new self assessment regime we understand the need for a professional service that is cost effective which relieves individual from unnecessary burden so that can get with the task of running their business.


Payroll - We can provide a monthly payroll service that will deal with all the necessary compliance work , take care of dealing with SSP, Class 1A National insurance etc. and all the year end returns will be completed by us as part of the service.


Value Added Tax - We can deal with preparation of your Vat returns and maintenance of day -to-day accounting records. We also assist in resolving problems arising from Vat inspections.