Alexander Associates (Inc Ramm Alexander)
Alexander Associates (Inc Ramm Alexander)

Social Housing Sector

Atul Dave, a partner at Alexander & Associates has been working with RSLs for many years. Atul has been able to put his extensive experience into use by ensuring that a cost effective service is given to our clients. Our expertise ranges from  external audits, internal audits to consultancy on various issues such as development finance , treasury management etc. The sizes of the RSLs  we have been involved with vary from small Co-operatives  to Nationally based RSLs with units in excess of 2000.



Because of expertise we have identified key issues that all current within the sector and  we are able to provide in depth advice and information these areas and more :



  • Component Accounting.
  • Compliance with Housing SORP
  • Rent setting , new regime based on CPI ( previously RPI)
  • Planning for long term maintenance of properties
  • Business Plans
  • Sub-contractors Taxation                                                                                          
  • Service Charges                                                                                                                              s                                                                                                                           
  • Treasury Management                                                                                               
  • General accounting Guide line for Housing Co-operatives                                      
  • Internal controls procedure and risk assessment                                                       
  • Minimising Cheque and BACCS fraud                                                                    
  • Self-Assessment for employers


Advice on all of the above plus more is available to all our RSL clients free of charge.


Our clients are able to call us anytime about anything as part of our FIXED FEE SERVICE totally free of charge.


 We also put our expertise on the line by regularly holding seminars free of charge for our clients on topical issues. Our aim is to ensure that all our clients benefit from our expertise.                                   


We strive to provide an excellent service by ensuring we have the necessary specialist knowledge  to give a value for money service!